We’ll start with a Thank You!



When we started Mast Kalandar, we knew we had a good idea – but we had no idea how well it would work out! As it turned out, things have gone well – better than we could have hoped for. We’re overwhelmed with the response we’ve been getting, and we’d like to thank you, most of all.


You’ve made our easy-on-the-waist, but full-on in taste desi combos a big hit. We couldn’t have got this far without regular customers like the ones at our Koramangala restaurant. So we’ve decided to shut it down! But only because we want to give you a nicer, better Mast Kalandar. While this is a change for the better, we assure you that the same old promise of good food is here to stay.


In a week or so we’ll be re-opening in a new space, just around the corner from our older restaurant on 80 feet road (next to the Namdhari’s Fresh supermarket). What can you expect at our new restaurant? A little more space to kick back, chill out and dig in. Welcome-back offers and introductory specials for customers old and new. But most of all, you can expect a menu that’s even better than before, as we roll out exciting new Halka Phulkas and more combos that are designed to keep mealtime exciting. There’s also a new rice combo to satisfy those chawal cravings of yours!


You know we really enjoy having you over at Mast Kalandar and cannot wait to see you at our new Koramangala outlet in a week. Thanks for being with us – the best is just ahead!


Printable Coupon

Printable Coupon





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  1. Why is it that people slog day and night at your centre and still gets underpaid and even sometimes no salary at all.
    For instances its the Puja times now and each month MK pays on 7th and till now it hasnt yet paid its employee. They make them slog day and night, without a holiday in a week sometimes (this puja week) and they claim to be a good employer.
    Charity begins at home, so if you make your employee happy they will do overtime and work hard with a Smiling face.

    Wish people and Management would take a note of this.

  2. Hi

    I am a seasoned customer of Mastkalandar, as I am in this city for the past 6 years, and more so because I work in Electronic City, where I have a Mastkalandar where I often host official treats and also give orders for bulk lunches. I have always got the best of customer service and best of dining experience, but for tonight!

    I visited the outlet bang opposite HSR BDA complex (above the Cafe Coffee day) at 8.05 PM – 19.04.2014 . And I am sorry that I had my wife, who was visiting me from another city to experience the bad evening I had in store.

    I went to the desk, ordered 4 items, but the Manager (a short tonsured and wheatish complexioned gentleman in a light blue shirt) took down the order in a piece of paper saying his system was slow and not responding. He also checked with me about a loyalty card, and I was very pleased to offer my consent for it, and promptly gave my name and mobile number to him. Then I patiently waited at his desk, and after about 5 minutes, he continued fiddling with his computer, to which I said “do let me know when the system is up” and took the order board Number “8” and went back to accompany my wife at our table.

    Time passed by, about 30 minutes later, I checked about my order status, and he said, ” Sir- Pandra Minute” ; to which my wife surprised, remarked ” why is it taking so long” , interestingly by that time, we were the only couple left and the ENTIRE RESTAURANT was empty.

    Still time ticked by, and with a strong feeling of “unfriendly neglect”, 45 minutes later (8.50 PM) I went to his desk and politely asked him about the number “8” status. He coolly told me ” Sir, you did not pay the bill. “.

    I was shocked and annoyed. Seeing my reaction, he started typing on his computer and said, give me 5 minutes”.

    By then, there were about 3 other families sitting and one person behind me in the counter, I did not want to create a scene with my wife around, and requested him to cancel the order.
    This manager, coolly with out even an iota of regret at having made a couple wait in an Empty Restaurant for 55 minutes, said – “next please”.

    It was the most shocking evening for me, and now I simply hate your chain of restaurants. Though I will share this story with all my colleagues in office on Monday, but I have to tell you this.
    This is the last time, I will ever have a treat or an official lunch at your chain, and the last time I will ever give a bulk order to your chain. I know the Electronic city Manager (Mr Sudeesh ) is an extremely friendly man, and I always enjoyed interactions with him. But this one incident at the HSR layout chain has marked a bad black mark in my experiences with your chain.

    I hope you will atleast call upon this egoistic manager and put him back to school and teach him some basic humanitarian lessons leave alone any thing related to giving a good customer experience in your outlet.

    Thanks for all the pain and agony today evening.


  3. Our family had a day at Ashok Nagar branch at Chennai on 13/09/14. It was my sin to order SINFUL PUNJABI PANNER and Aloo 2 Pyaza. Horrible. It was like eating rubber sheet. Very poor quality. Do not venture and kill your taste buds.

  4. rammurthy nagar is very poorly run. someone named venkat calls himself manager there and pathetic attitude for the service. Deliveries are always late , sometime forfet delivering extra chapatis. He always gives some or the other excuse , v stupid person. Next time if visit this center in person, going to give him some of this shit back. MK take note of this and fix rammurthy nagar branch.

  5. Hi my name is Ankit and I generally go to Mast Kalandar(Indiranagar) for lunch because I find the food is to gud in quality n taste wise but the only n big problem is the service is very slow n incorrect, the order they delivered most of the time is not correct. Today I place a order of a curry and three roties, but delivered is only curry, so I refuges the order and talk to the person who took my order and he accept the mistake and ensure me to correct his mistake by resending the order, may be the order will come don’t know bcoz, i post this just after this happened, I want u to look into this, and assess how many persons face problem bcoz of this mistake and try to make a system to get rid off this kind of problems.

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